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We see many women on a daily basis who are all faced with different circumstances. Here are what a few of them have to say:



When i fist came here i was so miserable. Couldnt think straight but talking to them was wonderful. I managed to open up and get help. Now i am finally happy with my baby, parenting was a good choice enjoying every moment with him. Thank you Life Choices.




When i first came here i was 8 months pregnant, i had no help but i managed to get it and i did not struggle with my baby boys clothes and that was a lot of help and i really appreciate it




I want to say to Life Choices, Yaelin thank you for everything that you helped me with. Please help other people who have problems like me.




I feel great to be a mom because Life Choices is helping me so thanks to them.



In life i had to experience lots of things especially being pregnant, and having a baby without support from the father. But  i 've never lose hope cause i knew God was with me. I got support from different people and i am so happy. God bless them.




I have had the best experience at Life Choices pregnancy centre because they helped me with baby clothes and nappies.They have made me enjoy motherhood. I am very much grateful to them.




Pregnancy was challenging for me but after coming to Life Choices at 7/8 months, i managed to open up and promise myself to be a great mother, they helped me with a lot of baby items as well. I am very thankful.




Before i came to Life Choices, I had a challange to raise my child because i am not working, but now God blessed me with Life Choices now i can give something for my baby boy.




Life Choices is an amazing organization, very helpful, with vibrant , outgoing staff. They were very helpful with my first child and now i am on my second one, and LAST :) and i cannot wait to share the stories with them after giving birth. KEEP DOING A GREAT JOB!! Love you guys to bits :)




My testimony in Life Choices is that they have been with me during my struggling in raising my lovely daughter. It really is a good organization with a good helping hand. I would love to thank you Life Choices for the contributiuon you give to those in need. God Bless




Thank you guys for helping us you mean a lot to use. May God bless you. Thank you




I wanted to give away my baby because the father dumped me and i was not working. Too much problems. But i want to THANK LIfe Choices for their support. I love my baby Samuel too much.  Thank you Life Choices.




I was pregnant and i wanted to have an abortion because of the situation i was in but with the help of Life Choices i kept my baby and i am happy now about the help that they are giving me and my child.




When i was pregnant with baby Tinyiko, i wanted to give her up for adoption. I am currently staying at the shelter with her and other mothers. I thank God for for support that i got and i am still getting from Life Choices. Yaelin is my best friend and i cannot imagine my life with out her. I thank God for them. 




I would like to say thanx a lot to Life Choices because when i found out that i was pregnant, i was willing to do the abortion but through their counselling they helped me a lot. My child is growing well. Keep it ip. May God bless you.




I didnt want a baby because i had problems with the baby's father, he was never there during my pregnancy and when i gave birth. But after having the baby things started to change i am glad that i have him.




I am so grateful to know Life Choices you have assisted me with a lot of things to take care of my baby. Your toiletries and clothes kept my baby warm in the winter. Thanks




I want to say thank you to you Life Choices. You are giving me everything that i need. Please do it for everybody. God bless you everyday. Have a good new year.




First time i was feeling bad when i found a child. Now i am feeling happy because Life Choices helped me. I am feeling happy to take care of my child.




I will like to thank Life Choices for everything that they have done for me and my son. When i came here i had nothing but now i have everything. My wish is that i hope that God can help and bless you in every way.




I love to be a single parent because its my first child thats why i keep her alive and please mom dont abort your child. Keep your babies they will grow up nice. Thanks Guys