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We are really excited to see how our vision for the centre has grown over the years as we mould into more of what we feel that we are called to do in our community. We are very passionate about our work and are constantly reminded about how important we are for girls and women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancies. Its such a priveledge to get to see our clients and be apart of their journeys.

Our Vision is:

  •  To offer counselling to any girl or women who finds themselves;

            > Facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy

            > Struggling to cope after an abortion

            > Not coping well after suffering a loss through miscarriage or still birth

  • To offer a tutoring centre that allows teenage mothers to complete their education and equip them for motherhood, by teaching them all the skills that they will require.
  •  To open a maternity home catering for expectant mothers who don't have a place to go.
  • To offer life skills programs that;

             > Equip our clients for motherhood.

             > Give them necessary skills to be able to provide for themselves.

            > Promote sexual integrity for the youth and young adults in and around Benoni.

  • To see the numbers of unplanned pregnancies in Benoni reduce.
  • To offer a safe and loving environment for each client  
  • To be able to network with other organisations.
  •  To bring hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.